Monday, December 26, 2016

Making FTDI devices work with macOS Sierra

I could not get an FTDI FT8U232AM evaluation device to work under Apple macOS Sierra   (  10.12.1 )

The device was listed in the System Report .....
( About This Mac ....  System Report  .....  USB  )


  Product ID: 0x6001
  Vendor ID: 0x0403  (Future Technology Devices International Limited)
  Version: 2.00
  Serial Number: FT9LMWA6
  Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer: FTDI
  Location ID: 0x14100000 / 3
  Current Available (mA): 500
  Current Required (mA): 50
  Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

After Googling various internet sites , and removing some files , I was successful in using the device with the app "Coolterm".

To do so I used the Terminal app and typed
ls -lctr /Library/Extensions/

I found .kext files for Wacom and for FTDI.
I also used the HoudahSpot app to search for files with the .kext extension.

I trashed these three :
 Wacom Tablet.kext ,  FTDIKext.kext , FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext

I left this file alone:

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Adventures with Airdroid

Three Mac installations... two fails.

I installed Airdroid ( AD )  ( 2016m08d08 ) on two Mac laptops and a Mac Mini.  When I invoked AD on two of the Macs the application quit unexpectedly.

When installing on each failure I got a cryptic message indicating that access to Developer tools was required.  This is NOT mentioned in the installation procedure.  I imagine there is something wrong with the downloaded installation package or with my laptops.

I am running Kaspersky Virus scan on my laptops to determine if a virus is the problem.

I installed AD successfully on Samsung Avant Galaxy Android smartphone.  2016m08d08

I installed AD successfully on a WIN10 laptop. ( Leviathan )

I have not found adding devices easy to do.  In over 24 hours I have failed to add even one device.
I am trying the Premium version of AD for one month ( $2 )  ( $38 for two years )  I find Premium very confusing.

Changing accounts is quite a chore.  I installed AD on a Samsung smartphone and it assumed ( for me ) that I would like to use my google account information.  It was wrong.  Now I have wasted much time trying to change my account to one *that I want*.  Uninstalling AD requires a password ( which I do not have ).  This I do not like.

So far I do not like Airdroid.   I hope to learn more likeable things about it in the future.

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Adding external Microphone to Android tablet or SmartPhone

Many Android devices ( smartphones , tablets, etc. ) are great for filming events and people.  You can improve your videos by using an external microphone.  The most important part of a typical video is high quality sound.  More important than the lighting or focus or .......

I performed most of these experiments on a Samsung Galaxy Avant smartphone circa May 2015.

Choosing a microphone
Many microphones will work with a android device.  The key issue is to have a microphone that puts out an active signal  ( not to exceed 1 volt ).  Some microphones produce an active voltage.  Some require a battery ( voltage source ) to do so.
Many computer microphones ( that plug into a 3.5mm jack ) depend on the computer supplying a voltage for operation.  See images at the end of this post.
A dynamic microphone produces a voltage without any external voltage sources.  I experimented with a AKG-D70-ME.
A condensor microphone requires an external voltage source.  I experimented with an un-named condensor microphone I found in my junk box.

Getting the correct adapter cable
You will want to buy an adapter cable with  a 3.5mm audio jack with 4 connections on it ( TRRS: tip-ring-ring-shield ).   See image at end of this post. There are two versions of this, so make sure to get the correct version.    I bought mine at for $5.  You can get them on eBay.  Make sure the TRRS is ear-ear-ground-microphone  ( iPhone compatible ) .

Testing your tablet or smartphone
Plug in the adapter cable to the Android device ( headphone jack ).  Plug your microphone into the adapter cable.  Plug your headphones into the adapter cable.  Use an audio sound recorder application. My phone indicated that an external microphone was activated.  ( This does not prove the microphone is working. )  Try recording and speak into the microphone.  Try different distances and speaking levels.  Try windscreens and pop screens.  At each test announce what you are testing.  Example:  " I am 3 inches from microphone .... testing the black windscreen.  I am speaking loudly."

Adjusting the sound level
Sound level applications are available at the online Android Apps Store ........ many good ones are free.  Using the app you can adjust the sound level of your microphone.  
1)  by the distance the microphone is from the subject
2)  by muffling the microphone with soft foam
3)  your microphone may have a signal level adjustment.  ( Or you may be rich and be using a mixer )
4)  editing the sound later .... using a video editing application.  There are many to choose from ( many are free )   I choose to move videos to my Apple MacIntosh to edit.

Avoiding hum and wind noise.
Cables must be shielded.  Using a balanced microphone cable is advised.
Putting a pop filter and/or windscreen on a microphone can improve the sound quality.  You can make ( DIY do it yourself ) these easily using soft foam or even thick fabric.


Microphones come in a myriad of sizes and shapes.  You cannot tell what kind a microphone is just by looking at it.


3.5mm jack on adapter cable

Microphone / Headset adapter cable ( TRRS )
get version compatible with Android and iPhone devices

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Sunday, July 31, 2016

4K TV wall mount info for 52 inch Sceptre and 39 inch Seiki bolt size bolt pattern

Use an M6 ( metric ) bolt for both TVs

39 inch diagonal  36 in wide  21 inch high
bolt pattern is 200mm by 200mm

52 inch diagonal  44 in wide  26 inch high
bolt pattern is 200mm by 300mm

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SOHO management

Small Office   Home Office   Management

Updated 2016m07d20

Adjust these techniques and pieces of advice to fit your situation

Axiom #1 .... the computer is a powerful search tool and organizational tool when given the chance.  Make the search engine your friend.
Axiom#2  ... form a few easy to implement habits.  Use these habits every moment of the day.

Put all digital files in "documents folder"
Use tags   .... pick a suffix   I picked "99"   you should pick something else ... like "44" or "00"  or "zz"
Physical items should be tagged as DNyyyy"m"mm"d"dd"i"nnn
   example:   DN2016m08d19i001
      DN   means document number
      yyyy is the year
      mm is the month   use leading zero for Jan thru September
      dd     is the day      use leading zero for day 1 thru 9

I email myself reminders of various items

I limit the variety of passwords I use   ..... someday biometrics will provide a great scheme for locking things down  ..... maybe QR codes could be used

I use "777" to tag items on the internet

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use tags   put everything in one document folder
use DN   document numbers   especially for physical items
use refrigerator or dryer as fire safe
put items that would be water damaged into plastic ziplock


Fire in the office is a catastrophe.  Equipment is wrecked, paper files are damaged , digital data is lost.  The #1 thing to do is ..... act immediately ! .... get lots of help ....  wash everything with distilled water or other cleaners ( everything including electronics ).  Fire creates noxious chemicals that corrode and continue to corrode paper , electronics , fabric , etc.  Do not leave unwashed anything that might have "breathed" fumes from the fire.  Do this immediately.  Turn power off to everything , remove batteries.

It is a good idea to store valuable items in ziploc plastic bags.  It is much better to have melted plastic on the item than water , fumes and acid rain ( water and smoke ) .

You can use discarded appliances as cheap fire safes.  You can use ovens , microwaves , refrigerators , dryers as fire safes.   Put them where you expect a fire to be least intense.  You can add padlocks to them for security.

There are many great search engines for computers.  I offer one as an example.  Others will work well.  HoudauSpot is made for the MacIntosh Computer.    It costs around $50.  You can buy family paks.  It is easy to use and has tons of options for searching.  There is a free trial for practicing with.  You can find tutorials such as this one.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Screen Snapshots programatic scrolling


My workflow for flawless screenshots

Here is my workflow that gives flawless screenshots - although its a bit of work:
1. open a clean white background (e.g. textedit)
2. get your app in front that you want to screenshot
3. SHIFT-COMMAND-4 and find out the X, Y coordinates as well as hight and width of the window you want to screenshot (they are depicted in your cursor) - remember them
4. open a terminal window and make a screenshot with the following command line:
screencapture -T 10 -P -R551,325,1095,647 screenshot.png

  • -T 10 means you have 10 seconds time to "prepare" your app (open a menu etc)
  • -R means the region that should be captured the coordinates <x,y,w,h> are the ones you found out before
  • -P means that it will open in preview so you can check the output
Save this one as PNG.


grab screen window larger than the screen

How to open a PDF file    99PDF

How to look at the real PDF source behind the 'raw' binary parts

Jay Birkenbilt's qpdf is a very useful commandline tool (available for Linux, Mac OSX and as source code, under the open source Artistic License), which can unpack most filtered content and re-organize the internal structure in a way that gives you much more insight into it (all objects are numerically ordered, etc.). The commandline to achieve this is:
 qpdf  --qdf  original.pdf  unpacked.pdf
Another useful and free tool (GPL licensed, but Linux-only AFAIK) to look into PDFs is of coursePDFEdit. This one even comes with a GUI (if you prefer that), while still allowing you access to the internal structure and "raw" PDF code.
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wireless Standards for IoT and WIoT

Often IoT and WIoT require wireless protocols that are wide range and low speed.  This is especially true for M2M ( Machine To Machine ) connections.   Much effort is going into 5G networking ( as of 2016 ).   One set of standards is LTE   ( Long Term Evolution )

LTE CAT  generic <==  link to LTE definitions







LPWAN     Low Power Wide Area Network

AT&T $99 Cellular kit

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